HR policy

We make the most of employee potential by recruiting, training, guiding, promoting employees and earning their loyalty.

EURO CRM has based its management style on having approachable leaders, acknowledging successes and highlighting individual talents. Indeed, to build employee loyalty and ensure their well-being, we encourage free speech and skills development.

At the same time, to ensure long-term employee motivation we have implemented a guidance policy to monitor employees throughout their entire career with us. At EURO CRM, we encourage internal promotion and play an active part in mapping out careers using strategic workforce planning.

EURO CRM has an ambitious HR policy: career mapping, individualised training programmes, annual appraisals, use of employee rights to individual training (DIF scheme) and skills appraisals, strategic workforce planning, employee exit management, choice between full and part time, diversity charter etc.

Our HR strategy focuses on:

  • Motivating employees and earning their loyalty.
  • Providing guidance from day 1.
  • Continuous appraisal of know-how and attitude.
  • Skills certification procedures.
  • Resource (re)allocation according to skills needed to cope with the difficulties of each activity.
  • A variable remuneration system that accounts for individual and group performance.
  • Career management encouraging internal promotion and movement within the group.

The key values of our HR policy are our respect for employees and our commitment.

Standardised recruitment procedures

The EURO CRM recruitment department is in permanent contact with job centers, recruitment agencies, local authorities and specialised schools and universities to constitute a potential talent pool of candidates suitable for our clients. Thanks to the expertise of our HR personnel, we recruit employees who have the skills we need and who will be able to fulfil their potential within our company.

A successful team depends on the quality of its recruitment, which is why we have a well-defined standard methodology for our recruitment process. We employ specific additional tests when seeking a particular profile.

Versatility, adaptability and a sense of service are key elements in our recruitment process. EURO CRM recruits staff on their aptitudes and their potential for development, with no discrimination whatsoever. We respect differences and encourage diversity.

Employee loyalty

EURO CRM develops a social policy based on employee motivation and loyalty. These values help keep turnover to a minimum. Read on

Our HR strategy is part of our overall sustainable development approach:

EURO CRM’s HR policy respects fundamental social principles and takes account of diversity and the particularities and local environments in host countries. Employees and their representatives play a major role in the running of a business. At EURO CRM we make every effort to establish good labour relations on all our sites, including those overseas.

The ethical foundations of our HR policy are based on honouring the following commitments:

  • Guaranteeing the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, which implies electing staff representatives.
  • Respecting equal chances for recruitment, mobility and internal promotion. As an illustration, 80% of our managers were promoted internally and came from within the group.
  • Drawing up a training policy that includes sustainable development in each induction course.
  • Promoting gender equality.
  • Promoting and encouraging the recruitment of handicapped persons (currently 4% of our workforce).
  • Offering permanent contracts (currently 75% of our employees have a permanent contract).
  • Forming partnerships to help job seekers in difficulty (young people, seniors, long-term unemployed) by getting involved in the Path to Work scheme.

At EURO CRM we take labour relations seriously, so we account for the particularities of our offshore activities:

  • We pay for all employee transport.
  • We have introduced a welfare policy that exceeds Mauritian legal requirements.
  • A series of social welfare actions with local associations.