Our commitments

One of our priorities is to promote social, economic and environmental development.

EURO CRM’s HR policy respects fundamental social principles and takes account of diversity and the particularities and local environments in host countries.

One of our priorities is to carry out our business in a civic, ethical, responsible manner. Thanks to our numerous commitments and undertakings we are well on the way to building balanced growth, combining social, economic and environmental responsibility.

Our staff adhere to these commitments collectively and individually. Their involvement enables us to honour our commitments over time, ensures that our collaboration is long-term and takes place in the best possible conditions.

Read our code of ethics: EURO CRM IMPACT


Diversity charter:

In 2009, EURO CRM signed a diversity charter for all sites.
Our state of mind, which is based on respecting individuals and providing equal chances, is part of our socially responsible approach to business. Adhering to this charter is a confirmation of the actions already taken at EURO CRM to encourage the integration of handicapped workers, gender equality and the employment of unqualified personnel.

ALRS (Association for the promotion of corporate social responsibility):

EURO CRM was awarded the ALRS label in 2011 for its excellent, exemplary HR policy, ethics, transparency and corporate responsibility.


In 2006, EURO CRM signed an agreement with ARACT and other associations to facilitate the insertion and training for handicapped workers.

  • Partnership and measures in favour of recruitment of handicapped persons,
  • Job dating, guided tours of our premises to explain our business, EMT (on-site assessment internships) and participation in the Forum Handi Café
  • A human resources assistant is responsible for overseeing this project
  • Training supervisors on integrating handicapped workers in call centers, paying particular attention to: the factors influencing good integration, aids and structures available, aptitude for the role, communication…

Malherbes association for handicapped persons:

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, EURO CRM Mauritius Ltd. has been supporting the Malherbes association for handicapped persons project to set up and run a day care center for physically and mentally handicapped children in the Curepipe area (in the center of the island).

EURO CRM Mauritius Ltd. provides 90% of the association’s annual funding.

Thanks to this funding, the association has been able to:

  • Find premises more suitable for the children’s needs (renting a larger house with a secure garden).
  • Refurbish the new premises.
  • Recruit more staff.

Employment for Seniors:

EURO CRM has set up a three year plan in favour of senior employment: The plan was adopted in January 2010 to encourage company-wide employment on permanent contracts of at least 20 employees aged 50 years and over.

Recruiting and integrating seniors into the EURO CRM workforce is enriching for all employees, in particular due to knowledge sharing, skills transferral and demonstration of know-how.

The plan covers three fields of action:

  • Recruitment commitments:
    Organisation of a yearly jobs forum to inform people in activities in call centers.
  • Working conditions and prevention of adverse conditions:
    Adapting working hours, organising training and raising awareness among managers.
  • Developing skills and qualifications:
    Within three years, 80% of employees aged 50 years and over will be interviewed concerning the second part of their career. This is not the same as the yearly appraisal which is a review of their skills, training requirements, situation and career plan.


EURO CRM has been a member of ETHIC since 2011. Indeed, our company advocates ethical behaviour and nurtures human relations. We have a sustainable growth strategy and our ambitions are entrepreneurial, capitalistic and focussed on people.
By joining ETHIC, EURO CRM has made a commitment to:

  • Defend and promote ethical behaviour within the company and in all our business relations,
  • Help build a society in which people progress and have the freedom of enterprise,
  • Encourage initiative taking and individual responsibility, in all transparency,
  • Encourage sustainable growth and fairer sharing of wealth.