EURO CRM announces the opening of its 6th multichannel call center and the creation of 200 jobs in Lisieux

On 8 March, Euro CRM officially announced its implantation in Lisieux as of September 2012. Euro CRM intends to make this 6th site a center of excellence and create 200 jobs over the next two years. That’s a shot in the arm for the town and the region. The Pays d’Auge chamber of commerce played a key role in this implantation, by investing in premises and urging backing from local institutions.

The Pays d’Auge chamber of commerce played an unusual role as investor

The Pays d’Auge chamber of commerce and the various other stakeholders took just a year to come to the agreement signed on 8 March that sets EURO CRM’s implantation in Lisieux in stone. EURO CRM contacted Christian Fougeray, the chairman of the Pays d’Auge chamber of commerce, in March 2011. The latter did his utmost to ensure that the project saw the light of day and sought support from the region, the department, the community of communes, the job center, state departments and Nicole Ameline, ex Minister and MP for Calvados. The stakeholders were well aware of the opportunity for the region and were able to purchase France Télécom Orange’s invoicing and tax collection center located in the business park in Lisieux. The building is ideally suited to call center activity with a surface area of 3500m² on two floors. The premises are being refurbished by the chamber of commerce and will be ready to house the 6th EURO CRM call center in September 2012. EURO CRM will rent the premises from the Chamber of Commerce as will France Télécom who remains in the building.

The EURO CRM site in Lisieux: A center of excellence with 200 direct job creations by 2014

Next September, EURO CRM will start up business in Lisieux with 50 employees. Over the next two years, it will gradually build up to 200-250 employees. EURO CRM will not exceed this amount as our policy is to keep sites to a manageable size. A center of excellence where professionalism goes hand in hand with humanism: EURO CRM is set on making the Lisieux site the show-case for the company’s technology and ergonomics. Pia Casanova, CEO of EURO CRM has made it clear that her ambitions go beyond economics and concern ergonomics, comfort in the workplace, meals and even the first inter-company creche in Lisieux.

Recruitment has begun: Whatever qualifications you have, you need to be a good communicator

EURO CRM explains that it is setting up business in Lisieux because the human resources available in the local area are ideal: plenty of women (70% of the company’s workforce) and a good level of education. What is more, Lisieux is just an hour and a half away from the head office and key clients located in Paris. EURO CRM will handle high value-added operations in Lisieux and will therefore be training staff in specific skills. Recruitment is already under way, with the help of the local job center. An impressive two part training course, set up with support from the regional council, the Pays d’Auge chamber of commerce and the AFPA will include 570 hours of training per new recruit. The course will begin in May 2012. Job seekers in Lisieux therefore have the opportunity of training and embarking on a new career.

Controlled, responsible growth

EURO CRM’s strategy has always been to expand responsibly, with well-thought-out, controlled growth and manageably-sized sites. With over 1,200 employees, the company has a head office in Levallois-Perret, three other sites in mainland France (Alençon, Controlled, responsible growth Troyes and Chauny) and two overseas (in Guadeloupe and Mauritius). At the same time as opening the site in Lisieux, EURO CRM has just announced the extension of the Alençon site (130 people) in 2013 and the opening of a new site in Ebene (Mauritius) in June.