EURO CRM decides to seek NF certification for its Customer Care Center.

Business is booming at EURO CRM and the company has decided to engage a quality control management procedure to highlight its services and seek acknowledgement of its know-how.

Since February 2012, Euro CRM has made a commitment to AFNOR to prepare for the NF Customer Relations Service Center certification. The standard is based on the European NF EN 15838 and the associated reference system NF 345. The certification concerns all Euro CRM sites in France and abroad for the year 2012.

The Euro CRM quality system is an essential element in standardising the group’s production process. Indeed, to fulfil customer demands, Euro CRM has introduced a policy that revolves around a pragmatic quality control system.

The aim of this certification is to provide our clients with a way of measuring the quality of the service we provide and to galvanise employees to working towards a shared objective: impeccable quality of customer relations. The NF 345 certification would enable EURO CRM to introduce a quality control system gauged towards customer satisfaction while engaging a rigorous programme of continuous improvement in operations.