EURO CRM is registered as an insurance intermediary

Obtained ORIAS accreditation (Register of insurance intermediaries)

As a customer relations expert, we continually update our knowledge of our client’s business lines and are always quick to respond to changes in the regulatory or economic climate.

As a recognised service provider in the banking and insurance sector, EURO CRM requested ORIAS* accreditation in order to offer clients thorough information about the products sold and distributed by insurance companies. The register of insurance intermediaries issued EURO CRM’s accreditation last October.

EURO CRM now has the necessary authorisations to be able to sell insurance products.

Orias Number: 11 063 543


*The register of insurance intermediaries lists individuals or companies authorised to act as insurance or reinsurance intermediaries in France. No person living in France or company with head offices in France may act as an insurance or reinsurance intermediary without being registered.