Euro CRM joins CroissancePlus

Euro CRM joins CroissancePlus, an association for entrepreneurs working towards a more favourable environment for generating growth in French companies.

logo-croissance-plus1Founded in 1997, the association boasts over 300 members, companies with healthy growth seeking a new entrepreneurial model, supporting new businesses and job creation and sharing the fruits of growth.

With government policies mistreating companies and entrepreneurs, Pia Heitz Casanova is working hard to defend entrepreneurship.

Pia Heitz Casanova has demonstrated that it is possible to grow a business with a responsible human resources policy, because a company’s personnel is key to its performance. CroissancePlus shares her values: equality, responsibility and collaboration.

April 2013, Euro CRM becomes a member of CroissancePlus, a club whose philosophy, objectives and values match those of Euro CRM.