EURO CRM opens a training school in Mauritius

EURO CRM opens the "Institute EURO CRM" training school designed to improve and deepen mastery of the language and the French culture of our sales advisors.

In Mauritius, our employees receive the same training policies than on our French sites,  in a spirit of long-term investment. Indeed, training requirements and performance are exactly the same on all of our sites. In order to improve the mastery of language and the French culture of our sales advisors in Mauritius, we open a training school “Institute EURO CRM.”

The strong development of our activities in Mauritius lead us to triple our operational workforce by the end of 2013. To continue to provide our customers with an unchanged level of excellence in the context of numerous recruitments, we wished to provide a tool for high-level training that allows us to validate and certify the language proficiency of each of our employees.

Initial training, continuing training: different training programs recognized and labeled, will be able to meet all needs and all profiles. These training programs will be gradually opened to employees of other companies operating in the tourism, banking and consulting, that have already expressed their great interest.