Euro CRM retains Customer Relations Social Responsibility label

In January 2015, Euro CRM retained the Customer Relations Social Responsibility label for all its production sites, in France and abroad.

The label was initially awarded in 2011 and was renewed in January 2015 following an assessment of practices from human resources management, to social dialogue, corporate commitments, sales, the environment, involvement with local inhabitants and modes of governance.

The renewal proves the company’s commitment to human resource and its eagerness to implement social practices and managerial rules that reflect its values (recruitment, induction and integration, career advice, social dialogue, training, inclusion of disabled and senior personnel).

The label is a just reward for Euro CRM as the company has always sought to promote social, economic and environmental development throughout its operations.

The group is pursuing a continuous improvement plan to optimise social and economic performance. In the past twelve months, Euro CRM has also been awarded the NF 345 customer relations centre certificate.

We would like to thank our staff, whose dedication and meticulousness is what makes our company successful.