A word from our CEO

Pia Heitz-Casanova“Your customers will thank you”. This phrase sums up the essence of what we do and motivates each member of staff at EURO CRM.

For the last ten years we have made it our business, our commitment, our defining principle to make sure that every interaction that we have every day with your clients or prospects is a positive experience and strengthens ties with your company.

That is why, at the outset, we opted for a specific growth strategy and organisational structure devoted to individualisation and excellent operational responses. This ensures that industrial and technological developments do not lead to standardised solutions.

  • We are independently funded so that we can take risks and retain our flexibility.
  • Organic growth helps foster a strong, consistent company culture.
  • Manageably-sized oversea call centers  help us keep a close eye on quality and makes team-building easier.
  • Site managers are heads of profit centers. This encourages a high level of involvement and operational creativity.
  • An exclusive ecosystem of pure-player industrial partners in related sectors (internet moderation, social networks, web analytics…) makes for highly effective solutions.
  • With EURO CRM le Lab, our exclusive, state-of-the-art system, you can test your new, entirely different ideas relating to multichannel marketing and assess their finances.

Thanks to these unique advantages, combined with precise industrial and technological expertise we have a large, varied base of loyal clients that is growing by the day.

We are sure that you too would like your customers to thank you. If you like your business partners to offer that personal touch as well as high performance, that little bit extra that makes all the difference in customer relations, then contact us, we’ll make the difference for you too.

Pia Heitz Casanova