The advantages of outsourcing

In our increasingly competitive markets, relationship marketing and customer loyalty are as important as market share. Customer service has become a major issue and a key element in a company’s growth and long-term strategy. By using an offshore contact center, you can fulfil your customers’ needs more efficiently:

  • Extended availability (reduced waiting time),
  • Personal contact (knowledge of customers’ records),
  • Efficiency (first call resolution)
  • Same service level across all channels.


Outsourcing your call center  is an efficient way of handling contacts in an organised fashion and helps build a trusting relationship that focuses on customer experience.

By outsourcing your customer service, you keep costs under control, your relations are efficient and your customers are happy.

  • More flexibility:At EURO CRM we adjust our output to client requirements. We offer a continuous service, with no breaks and maximum productivity.
  • The latest technology:We keep our finger on the pulse of progress in technology where telephony, call management, email and chat are concerned and use state of the art technology to ensure maximum efficiency in customer relations.
  • Operational creativity and industrial know-how:The EURO CRM customer relations experts combine their skills and experience to ensure that your customers are treated just as you wish. We analyse the particularities of each market and each client’s specific constraints and then implement high performance operations.
  • Guaranteed results: We implement thorough recruitment, training and quality control procedures on all our production sites to ensure maximum customer satisfaction (e.g. strict selection criteria and assessment tools, in-depth training programmes and workforce monitoring).

Our outsourced call center solutions:

In France

With a total of 1,000 workstations, three call centres and an international client base operating in a wide array of fields, Euro CRM can deal with the most complex, varied business issues.
Find out more about our call centres in France

In Mauritius

Euro CRM is the leading contact centre in Mauritius with over 1,000 workstations on two sites. It goes without saying that the set-up and procedures used throughout the group apply to our overseas operations and our expertise is unique on the island.
Find out more about our call centres in Mauritius