Call center in France

With a total of 600 workstations, three call centres in France and an international client base operating in a wide array of fields, Euro CRM can deal with the most complex, varied business issues.

Founded in 2000, EURO CRM has never ceased to grow and today, our company is one of the major players in the call centre business, with over 400 employees in France, 85% of whom have permanent contracts, and three production sites.

At the outset, we opted for a specific growth strategy and organisational structure based on bespoke solutions and high performance operations. With this approach, we can embrace industrial and technological developments without adopting a standardised service.

The benefits

  • Well-managed capacity planning to cater for client requirements
  • Strict, tried-and-tested procedures
  • Our internal laboratory is equipped with the latest multichannel technologies and composed of an experienced team of experts so you can test and adjust your customer relations projects,
  • Our organisation is based on centres of excellence and business-line expertise with specially-trained teams who can offer advice on the best solution to adopt for your business,
  • Experienced project management within tight timeframes,
  • Safe, efficient infrastructure,
  • Our IT department is set up like an internal IT consultancy and can take charge of the technical aspects of your project,
  • Multilingual operations,
  • Four sites that run from 07:00–22:00, 6 days a week,
  • Video-conference equipment on site,
  • Exemplary HR policy

Thanks to the exacting and varied demands of our clients, our operation is increasingly flexible and innovative and we are renowned for our reliable industrial approach. By catering for an array of fields, we can transfer skills between them and are well-equipped to deal with complex and wide-ranging issues.

The benefits of a call centre in France:

  • High-potential talent pool in the surrounding area,
  • Excellent relations with regional councils and various local bodies,
  • Easily accessible production sites.
  • State-of-the-art technical infrastructure (IT and telephony).

If you are looking for unrivalled customer service and a smooth-running operation that won’t break the bank then contact us. Your customers will thank you!