Call centers in Mauritius

Euro CRM is the leading contact centre in Mauritius with over 1,000 workstations on two sites. It goes without saying that the set-up and procedures used throughout the group apply to our overseas operations and our expertise is unique on the island.

We have been operating in Mauritius for ten years now and our high performance operations have attracted a large client base. We now have 900 advisors with permanent contracts and are the leading call centre operation in Mauritius.

The benefits

  • Capacity to respond to the growing demands for offshore services in the Indian Ocean.
  • Quality assurance systems and production processes in line with the same standards as our operations in France mean high performance.
  • A special team to manage and implement each client’s project.
  • A language training school to perfect our advisors’ French skills.
  • Multilingual operations,
  • Both sites operate 24/7,
  • Video-conference equipment on site,
  • Exemplary social practices,

Our clients are all French or European and we can boast a customer satisfaction rate of 95%.

Benefits of a base in Mauritius

  • The Mauritians are renowned for their friendliness, hospitality and eagerness to help and their ability to handle difficult situations.
  • A strong French culture
  • Qualified, dynamic population. Excellent education system (partnership between the university of Mauritius and Alliance française).
  • State-of-the-art technical infrastructure (IT and telephony).
  • Competitive salary rates.
  • Air transport: 20 direct flights from Paris CDG
  • Time difference with CET: +2 hours in summer/+3 hours in winter

If you are looking for unrivalled customer service and a smooth-running operation that won’t break the bank then contact us. Your customers will thank you!

Our call centres in Mauritius:
Moka call centre
Ebène call centre