What makes us different

New generation contact centers

Due to the fast pace of changes in technology, the increasing severity of the economic climate and intense competition, customer loyalty should never be taken for granted.

Customer relationship management involve convincing and building loyalty. Both these points are more crucial now than ever and at the same time, increasingly difficult to combine effectively.

Customer relations service providers need to have several, sometimes fairly incompatible, strengths in order to excel in an ever-changing, increasingly complex environment.

EURO CRM provides more than outbound call centers. From a cultural, organisational and technological point of view, we stand out from the crowd. Our new generation contact centers are designed to rise to the challenges of today’s customer interaction:

– We are financially independent, which means we can invest in the long-term and have the liberty to take risks:

Our founding directors hold 100% of our capital. This means we can commit to projects with the potential to generate growth or added value without having to bow to shareholders who impose short-term profitability.

We have our sights set on long term strategies, not on the fluctuations of the stock market.

– Our production site managers have delegated powers and can make the operational decisions relevant to their site, quickly and efficiently:

Our site managers are heads of profit centers and have all the relevant decision-making power to act as such. We select our managers for their leadership skills, their background in production and their ability to design and implement innovative, pragmatic solutions in the day to running of the site.

– We cater for the exacting demands of our key accounts and, as a result, our industrial reliability and social excellence are second to none.

Some 80% of our operations are carried out for key national or international clients who have complex, industrial-sized customer relations processes. The reliability of our operations (production system and quality assurance system) is therefore essential. Our company is also proud to meet standardised, measurable criteria that prove our excellence in corporate social responsibility.

We were awarded the Corporate Social Responsibility certificate in January 2011 and we committed to the NF Services 345 certification procedure in 2012, a clear illustration of the standards we set ourselves.

– We are flexible and creative thanks to our SME and start-up clients:

Our SME and start-up clients experience strong growth and/or have a minimal set-up. This keeps us in touch with the entrepreneurial spirit and ensures we remain flexible and are able to adapt easily to changes and work with small teams on (nonetheless) big, complex projects.

– Our integrated IT consultancy and EURO CRM Le Lab, our client innovation testing laboratory ensure that our technology and marketing are effective.

Our IT consultancy comprises 12 top experts specialized in networks, telecommunications infrastructure, DBMS and data mining and web service development. The consultancy can handle all the technical issues for your project or work alongside your own experts to ensure you get the best operational solution possible.

EURO CRM Le Lab, our internal laboratory, is equipped with the latest multichannel technologies and composed of an experienced team of experts (business consultants, a supervisor and a project manager). Our clients can test and adjust their innovation projects (new communication channel, new sales policy) etc.

– We cover all company-customer interactions thanks to our wide-reaching experience and our exclusive ecosystem of pure player start-up partners.

Customer-business interactions are a key to success and the numerous different communication channels mean we need to be knowledgeable in many, increasingly complex fields (internet moderation, web analytics, community management, click-to-chat and click-to-call functions) that use constantly changing technology.

In order to guarantee our clients the best solutions, we work with an exclusive ecosystem of pure player start-ups with which we have commercial, industrial or financial partnerships.

Our system is project-based and we issue clients with a single invoice. We act as a coordinator for our partners on projects where customer relations have to be integrated.