Bank / Insurance


The financial industry is constantly evolving, for example, with the deregulation of the banking and insurance fields and the development of new technologies. There have been many mergers in the finance market and consumer behaviour is changing. Customer relations have become a distinguishing factor and companies need to respond to client needs in a personalised and innovative manner.

There is a great variety of service offers in this sector. At EURO CRM, we offer advice and guidance to our clients and help them implement a strong strategy to win customers, build a lasting relationship with them and ensure their loyalty using tried and tested techniques.

We account for the complexity and sensitivity of the banking and assurance field and our customer relations experts have significant experience in your business line and your highly secure software requirements.

EURO CRM is registered with the French body ORIAS (number 11 063 543) as an insurance intermediary.

EURO CRM has also applied for PCI DSS validation.

Means employed:

  • High security technical infrastructure
  • Precise, high security recruitment selection criteria for HR department
  • Process compliance with PCI DSS standards
  • Strict control procedures
  • Custom solutions
  • Flexible organisation
  • Registered with ORIAS
  • Information system expertise (database, reports…)
  • Onshore and offshore solutions

Examples of our work:

Sales development campaigns (to set up client appointments with sales representatives); telesales (additional sales, cross sales), customer services (address changes, card loss/theft) etc…