In a very vibrant, constantly changing field, the economic climate is particularly competitive. Information, shared experiences and anticipation are the keys to success for those involved in e-commerce. There are over 100,000 e-commerce websites in France employing ever-changing technologies and attracting more and more customers, with an increasing number of mobile connections and substitute users. In short, e-commerce retailers have plenty of challenges to deal with.

Companies are conscious of the importance of customer satisfaction when so many competitors are vying for the customer’s attention. Indeed, customer loyalty is extremely important. It goes hand and hand with sales performance and revenue maximisation. Today we know that the customer relationship begins as soon as the customer enters the website and that the first contact with the customer services department will make all the difference to where the customer chooses to place his/her loyalty.

EURO CRM advises e-commerce retailers looking to improve their performance in terms of loyalty and customer satisfaction. We offer highly effective, personalised solutions and share our expertise in sales development, customer services and centralised customer-business interaction records using an integrated multichannel system.

Means employed:

  • A selective recruitment procedure pinpointing the candidates who are suitable for your business line (customer e-relations experience, aptitude for advising)
  • Training and honing skills
  • Mastering the legal environment
  • Onshore and offshore solutions
  • Flexible organisation
  • 24/7 Multichannel solution

Examples of our work:

Sales development campaigns (setting up appointments, following up leads generated by web, assistance via chat to increase conversion rate), customer services (order tracking, claims management, help with using the e-commerce site (opening an account, finding information), content moderation…