Energy / Utilities


The climate for energy and utilities sector is currently rather turbulent. The sector is undergoing major change and facing new issues such as privatisation and open markets which give customers a pivotal role because they are free to choose their supplier. Yet this is not the only issuer, there is also the great number of suppliers, the fact that environmental considerations have become important to customers as well as the market becoming open to competition.

EURO CRM offers bespoke solutions that meet customers’ new demands and comply with the legal and regulatory constraints imposed on the sector. Indeed, the issues facing the various operators in the sector are different. The traditional operators know their customers better and know how to deal with churn, retention and loyalty-building, whereas new players are concentrating on implementing a strategy to win clients and constitute a client base.

We have solutions that correspond to your problems and that maximise the potential of your client base using all possible levers. We ensure our service is efficient so that your clients are satisfied.

Means employed:

  • A selective recruitment procedure pinpointing candidates suitable for your requirements
  • Mastering the legal environment
  • Onshore and offshore solutions
  • Flexible organisation
  • 24/7 Multichannel solution

Examples of our work:

Acquisition and sales campaigns (qualification/prospection, appointments, sales of various products and services such as energy audits), customer services (claims, invoices, contract migration), loyalty and win-back (advice on sustainable development, energy audits, anti-churn campaigns etc…)