FMCG and retail


In this field, competition is stiff and a customer’s commitment to a brand is a key issue for businesses. Indeed, consumers are more and more aware and demanding.

With new technologies and the web 2.0, consumers have numerous possibilities to communicate on brands via blogs and forums. It has become essential for companies to have a high customer satisfaction rate in order to increase loyalty and also so that customers communicate positively about their brand and recommend it to others.

EURO CRM offers personalised solutions designed to build trusting relationships with your customers.

Means employed:

  • A selective recruitment procedure pinpointing candidates suitable for your requirements
  • Mastering the legal environment
  • Flexible organisation
  • Onshore and offshore solutions
  • 24/7 Multichannel solution
  • Information system expertise (development of specific tools)
  • Multilingual expertise

Examples of our work:

Acquisition and sales campaigns (appointments, lead detection, telesales, order reception), customer services (giving information, handling returns…), loyalty, satisfaction surveys, customer reactivation etc…