Today’s economic climate particularly affects the electronic, IT and technical industries and FMCG goods manufacturers. These fields have to face increasing competition from “low-cost’ countries.

To continue developing their sales in such a fraught economic climate, businesses in this sector need to be close to their end customers, to understand and anticipate their needs so as to generate the most positive customer experience.

EURO CRM offers high-performance, personalised solutions that fulfil your needs in terms of customer services, building up the trust of your customers and improving your brand image. We harness all our expertise to respond to your customers’ demands, especially concerning customer services and technical support. We aim to make your customer relations your distinctive advantage by durably maximising the value of each customer.

Means employed:

  • A selective recruitment procedure pinpointing candidates suitable for your field (experience, market knowledge)
  • Training and honing skills
  • Appointing a Project Manager with excellent knowledge of your market
  • Onshore and offshore solutions
  • Flexible organisation
  • 24/7 Multichannel solution

Examples of our work:

Acquisition and sales campaigns (project detection, pre-sales advice, upselling such as guarantee extensions), customer services (claims, ASS), satisfaction surveys, win-back campaigns etc…