This sector is undergoing change, with increased pressure on profitability, intense competition between brands, a larger, more diverse customer base that is also more and more fickle. Today, an excellent product is not enough; luxury companies have to excel in distribution and in customer relations.

EURO CRM is familiar with the luxury world and can help you strengthen your brand by handling your customer relations in a dynamic, innovative, personalised fashion. We offer solutions specifically designed to meet the expectations of high end customers: unrivalled customer knowledge, whatever the point of contact, highly personalised services and extremely differentiating customer relations.

EURO CRM focuses on communication, listening to customers and monitoring the business-customer relationship so as to be on hand when they need help. For our luxury clients we expertly handle every stage in the customer life cycle, from acquisition to development to loyalty-building. Our multichannel expertise means we can build up vibrant customer relations while keeping costs under control.

Means employed:

  • A selective recruitment procedure pinpointing candidates suitable for your requirements
  • Training and honing skills
  • We know your field, your business and your tools as well as you do.
  • Flexible organisation
  • Multilingual expertise
  • Information system (database, reports…) expertise

Examples of our work:

Acquisition and sales campaigns (file qualification, order reception), customer services (giving information, handling returns, claims, ASS) loyalty-building campaigns, satisfaction surveys, customer reactivation etc…