Media / Telecoms


In the very vibrant, highly competitive field of communications (Media and Telecom) growth in customer bases is beginning to tail off and the average revenue per user is decreasing, companies have to offer their clients a high-quality, innovative, distinctive service in order to generate new sources of revenue.

Today, to be able to rise to the company’s main challenge, which is to increase its customer base and increase the use of the services it provides, every client interaction has to become a sales opportunity – with the ultimate goal being customer satisfaction.

Evermore sophisticated services, new regulatory constraints and highly knowledgeable customers require a high level of expertise. EURO CRM can provide that expertise. Our services combine technology and skilfully flexible organisation. We can handle high volumes and deal with peaks in activity while ensuring effective production on all levels.

With EURO CRM, you make the most of every contact with your customers. You create value by generating a positive customer experience and by keeping costs under control.

Means employed:

  • A selective recruitment procedure pinpointing technical and sales executives with a sense of service
  • Training and honing skills
  • Strict control procedures
  • Onshore and offshore solutions
  • Flexible organisation (efficient means implemented during fluctuations, marketing campaigns etc.)
  • Mastering the legal environment

Examples of our work:

Sales development campaigns (customer acquisition, lead detection), telesales teams (up-sales, cross-sales), customer services (invoicing, claims, contract migration), win back campaigns etc…