Public sector


Despite budgetary constraints, the public sector aims to offer a positive user experience and high-quality services, especially in terms of access to services and information. Indeed, public services aim for user satisfaction without unnecessary expense.

EURO CRM offers high quality solutions in terms of information, awareness raising, guidance and advice. The aim is to optimise every single contact so that user satisfaction is great. We improve communication with the public and improve user-friendliness while providing our clients with an excellent return on investment.

EURO CRM offers high quality solutions and caters for the demands of the public sector.

Means employed:

  • A selective recruitment procedure pinpointing candidates suitable for your requirements
  • Mastering the legal environment
  • Flexible organisation
  • Quality assurance (the NF standard)
  • Bespoke solutions
  • 24/7 Multichannel solution

Examples of our work:

Information services (answering service for extra efficiency), follow-up of paperwork, sending paperwork, crisis team set-up and management…