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Pointe à Pitre

History: Founded in 2007

Capacity: 50 HERMES PRO VOCALCOM workstations.


Frequent travel links from Paris:

  • Up to 4 air links per day
  • Time difference with CET: +6 hours in summer/+5 hours in winter
  • The Jarry premises are only 10 minutes away from the airport

The building is accessible for persons with reduced mobility.

Opening hours:

The site is operation 24/7

Strong points:

  • EURO CRM Caribbean is located in the Jarry business park, the hub of Guadeloupe’s economy and the third biggest business park in France.
  • Young, qualified population who are have the right skills and attitude to telephone contacts.
  • Bilingual (A 1/5 of the workforce is bilingual French-English).
  • High-quality technical infrastructure (IT and Telecoms).

Main fields of business: Telecoms

Set up: EURO CRM has introduced effective tools and infrastructure. Activities and results are monitored in real time as all EURO CRM contact centers are linked via VPN.

All sites are linked via a monitoring system with:

  • Long-distance listening-in
  • Video conferencing
  • Access to online report system (VPN)

Our sites are organised to encourage quick action and adaptability.