Mentoring improves staff performance

Long before the generation contract, we introduced a mentoring system to pass on knowledge within the company, to help with induction and improve skill levels to be ready for change and to keep seniors in employment.

Our staff training programme is paramount to our service quality. The company invests 15% of the total wage roll on training – a way of acknowledging the personal investment made by each salary. Our staff remain loyal. We have a turnover rate of under 7%.

Inspiring trust:

We place the aptitude for the job above all else. Euro CRM counts on staff to adapt and encourages their commitment, especially to the mentoring scheme which takes various shapes.

A mentoring scheme to improve induction of new staff

On arrival, newcomers follow a short training course (depending on the complexity of their role) with the induction team. The tutor is on hand to offer help and advice and to make the new recruit feel at ease. It’s a great way to share good practices and minimise the stress of the first few calls.

For youth contracts or block release courses, the scheme is different. Mentors are staff with specific skills relative to the course.

The group’s intergenerational collective agreement helps young people find employment and maintains senior staff in the workforce while encouraging skills transfer thanks to a one- to six-month voluntary mentoring scheme, depending on the recruit, drawn up site by site, depending on needs.

For mentors, our “supervisor incubator” provides a six-month training programme.

This company-wide policy encourages in-house promotion.

Results: As an illustration, 98% of our managers were promoted internally and came from within the group.