IT Solutions

« Complete, specific, controlled IT solutions… »

The EURO CRM IT department is organised like an internal IT consultancy.

Our information system is centralised and the team is based on a single site so that information circulates and there is a feeling of cohesion. Our IT team has expertise in all the technical areas of computing (databases, development, analyses, technical infrastructure, telephony, networks…).

Thanks to our skills in IT engineering, we can advise our clients on the technical, technological or functional solutions that best fulfil their requirements and bring the most satisfaction.

The IT offices cover the same hours as the production teams.

The technical and technological advice that makes all the difference:

IT tools, like customer needs change constantly. Our technological intelligence is one of EURO CRM’s strengths. We keep a close eye on trends so we can offer our customers the most up-to-date, effective systems.

Our teams complement each other well: our IT team works alongside the operational project leaders to provide expertise and support throughout all stages of your project.

With EURO CRM, clients have a one-stop solution for the project stage, preparatory meetings, outstanding analysis and summary skills, regular updates on progress and coordinated, monitored reports. Above all, we at EURO CRM honour our commitments.

Unrivalled know-how and technical skills:

EURO CRM has a wealth of experience and has developed skills in many IT fields. Indeed, we develop bespoke tools and applications so that your customer relations management is the best it can possibly be at whatever stage in the customer life cycle. Just a few examples of what EURO CRM can offer:

  • Help and guidance on selecting systems.
  • Needs analysis, development, implementation and operations.
  • Drawing up technical specifications.
  • Developing relational databases.
  • Data analysis, data mining and custom reports.
  • Development and delivery of specific tools as requested.
  • Implementation of telephony solutions for call centers.
  • Setting up secure connections with our partners’ systems.

Our IT department has total control over our infrastructure and production tools. This is a major advantage.

Centralised, secure, controlled, upgradeable IT architecture:

Our production infrastructure is hosted by a reputable data center that ensures our partners the flexibility and security they need for their business. We can overlap or transfer business from one site to another at any time.

Our data center has a double induction electric telecommunications system and an air-conditioning system with built-in redundancy which means we provide an uninterrupted service.

All EURO CRM production sites have similar architecture and identical technical functioning. This homogeneity makes the whole system easier to control.

Our effective, upgradeable systems can be adapted to suit our clients’ particular requirements as long as quality can be assured.

Effective technical solutions:

EURO CRM uses high quality technology and materials from reputed manufacturers and designers such as Microsoft, Symantec, Vocalcom etc. Read on