Effective technical solutions

EURO CRM uses high quality technology and materials from reputed manufacturers and designers such as Microsoft, Symantec, Vocalcom etc.

For network routing and security we use Cisco, the industry leader.

The equipment and technology we use enable us to offer our clients a wide array of possibilities and above all, systems with excellent reliability and security.

Designed by Vocal.com, Hermes.net is the most advanced system, with the most possibilities: Incoming and outgoing calls, skill sharing, call blending, multichannel: telephone, email, SMS, fax, chat, co-browsing etc.

Avaya CM6
Avaya is one of the most effective telephone systems on the market. It manages everything from the simplest to the most complex telephony systems. Features include predictive dialling, call queues and overloads, IVR, call tracing, transfers, conference calls, listening-in and recording.

MSSQL Server
MSSQL is a database engine reputed for its reliability and effectiveness and ideally suited for call centers: relational database management, compatible with most tools, reports and analyses, BI solution.

EURO CRM maximises IT security with equipment from the industry leader.