LE LAB by EURO CRM: Test and validate your ideas!

A completely new strategy, a change in business model, a new distribution mode… Validate the potential of your ideas with LE LAB!

Your customer relations are important, so EURO CRM has set up a laboratory in which you can test new campaigns, new channels, new methodologies meaning you implement your innovations discreetly and safely.

Our experts in customer relations analyse, experiment and validate the potential of your project to ensure that your investment is well-placed and that your sales efficiency will improve.

Change in strategy, different business model, a new distribution channel… Thanks to the LAB, you can test your new ideas and major changes and validate the performance indicators, return on investment and relevance of your action.

The LAB is specifically designed to test customer relations performance. Our aim is to confirm the potential of innovation by testing it, improving it and validating new ideas.

Means implemented:

Physical infrastructure:

  • Software: Hermes.net
  • Multichannel solutions: click to chat, click to call, web call back, digital, community monitoring, e-reputation, web analysis of behavioural targeting…
  • Internal IT consultancy

Geolocation: Site in Lisieux, center of excellence, opened in 2012

The LAB team

The EURO CRM LAB comprises:

  • 20 experienced sales advisors who have worked on numerous BtoB and BtoC campaigns in an array of fields.
  • 1 supervisor and 10 sales advisors with manager/sales/project profiles.
  • 1 project leader who coordinates with clients (support, structure, organisation).

The LAB makes all the difference!

  • Tests carried out with flexible parameters.
  • Validation of relevance of new models.
  • Recommendations and modifications made on the spot.
  • Measuring qualitative and quantitative impact.
  • Latest generation technological infrastructure.
  • Confidentiality.

Functional diagram