Quality Management

« A quality assurance system at the heart of all our procedures »

The EURO CRM group has a quality policy and pragmatic quality objectives to control and improve procedures and generally improve results and performance.

Our approach to quality management corresponds to our growth strategy and implies strong commitment from our staff and flexible procedures that generate value for our clients.

We have decided to use this approach as a tool for managing flows, overall management and as a way of continually improving our practices with a view to achieving higher customer satisfaction and becoming a more socially responsible company.

EURO CRM is committed to:

  • Making sure our clients are satisfied so that your customers are too.
  • Making the most of each employee’s individual skill set.
  • Taking a procedures approach.
  • Managing quality in compliance with the NF 345 standard for Customer Relations Center.
  • Reliability of infrastructure and tools (stable, secure production environment).
  • Continuous improvement of procedures, training and personnel, technological intelligence.
  • Ethical aspects (trusting relationships with partners, clients, employees and suppliers)

Quality management at EURO CRM:

Our adaptable quality management programme provides a framework for our quality control procedures with the following criteria:

  • Definition and fundamental principles of our internal quality control programme.
  • Structure of functions: definition of roles and responsibilities per field.
  • Interdepartmental relations
  • Procedure for handling projects covering the whole spectrum of services from drawing up a quotation to account closure final report.

Quality measurement:

Our assessment system accounts for the 4 components and qualities required in the customer relations business:

  • Applying methods.
  • The quality of relations.
  • The quality of responses.
  • Proficiency with IT tools and software.

This programme is based on specifically designed tools and indicators and measures individual and group efficiency throughout the service rendering. These indicators are monitored and analysed daily using a global approach (the operation as a whole) as well as an individual one (monitoring customer advisors) and mainly assesses quality, efficiency of telephone manner and the handling of the request.

Tools for quality measurement:
EURO CRM has developed an in-house tool for quality measurement to guarantee operational performance, ensure data security and the best possible monitoring.

Every month, random measures are taken to validate the level of quality of service on each site. Our quality control is based on taking permanent action to prevent and correct errors.

We monitor quality with our clients, who may define their own criteria and key indicators. Quality measurement is carried out via listening-in, recording and mystery calls and emails.

Continuous improvement:

Our training modules enable us to perfect our teams by developing the skills of each member. At the same time, mandatory tests are used to check knowledge and set up personalised training for each employee.

We have set up internal and external feedback channels so that we can improve on our performance.

EURO CRM applied for NF 345 Customer Relations Center certification in order to set up a quality system that would highlight its services as well as improve customer satisfaction.