Technical infrastructure

A solid infrastructure: our availability rate is 99.8%!

In a market where technology is changing more and more each day, EURO CRM remains adaptable and is constantly innovating thanks to close ties with operational teams, from design to production.

All EURO CRM production sites are linked up via VPN and permanently monitored, which enables:

  • Production tool development.
  • Video conferencing.
  • Access to an intranet online report system (VPN), showing activity and results in real time.

EURO CRM specialists have also developed a range of skills to ensure the continuity of your projects and help you manage your CRM and maximise your potential:

  • Data management.
  • Scheduling reports.
  • Testing.
  • Infrastructure maintenance.
  • Service continuity, hotline on duty 24/7.
  • Technical guarantees with a technician present on each production site.

Thanks to this strict, quick-acting management of IT architecture we achieve a 99.8% availability rate.

A complete telephony platform

  • A range of integrated products for contact center solutions.
  • Easier roll-out and maintenance (thin client solutions).
  • Complete media management (telephone, email, SMS, faxe et internet).
  • An upgradeable software suite:

Open architecture

  • Can be used with most PABX.
  • Can be used with most third-party IT software.

Strong technological partners:

  • PCBX or mixed PCBX/PABX architecture.
  • A call-flow generator including IVR and ACD.
  • An elaborate ACD (priority management, call blending, predictive …).

Long-term guidance

On-site expertise made available.

Vocalcom servers

  • Solution tested in multi-campaign mode.
  • Control over telemarketing and contact center environments.
  • Highly adaptable architecture, totally thin client.
  • Easy to integrate with third-party environments (client business-line software).
  • Systems able to take 32 calls per second for an average of 1,000 agents.