Training Department

« We aim to make the most of our human resources by ensuring the well-being and professional development of our employees. »

Our founding principle is to focus on people and to make training a key element of our strategy. The quality of our service depends on our team’s skills and know-how. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure our clients receive the best possible service. Our staffs are trained, motivated and eager to rise to new challenges. Everyone has the same goal: satisfied customers!

Rapid changes in client needs and information technology mean we are constantly looking to innovate, we have to be adaptable and we continually question our methods, our know-how and our attitudes. That’s why we offer our employees a range of training courses on customer relations and call centers and we implement rules and procedures for maximum efficiency in handling requests.

We want your customers to thank you. To achieve that aim we continually develop and strengthen our skills and we make sure our staffs are professional and motivated throughout their career with us.

Training cycle:

EURO CRM offers four types of training course for employee continued professional development. Read on

Course assessment:

At the end of each training module, there is always an assessment to validate the candidate’s progress. A summary report and an individual action plan are drawn up. In order to measure our staff’s actual knowledge in terms of “products and procedures” we schedule regular mandatory tests and offer either individual or group training, as appropriate.

To meet our goals, our training courses follow a procedure that ensures their success: define, act, validate, improve.

Our training partners:

We use the best specialists in company training. We choose our training partners according to their skills, their ability to offer custom training courses and the quality control approach to processes.