Training cycle

EURO CRM offers four types of training course for employee continuing professional development.

  • Initial training:
    The aim here is to train teams in the basics of telemarketing and distance customer relations. Trainees become operational in all our client fields, i.e.:

    • – Products, services and solutions.
    • – Culture and environment
    • – Types of contract and types of client
    • – Tools and applications for handling contacts

    Integration and initial training are always adapted to suit our clients and partners. Training courses are scheduled to ensure trainees get maximum benefit.

  • Special and additional courses:
    As well as the initial training modules on CRM, products, client environment and software, EURO CRM offers a range of specific courses in partnership with specialised bodies. These specific courses provide insight into stress management, time management, leadership etc. These modules are set up by our quality assurance department to ensure that our employees’ skills meet the quantitative and qualitative objectives we set ourselves.
  • Continuing Professional Development:
    As well as validating skills following initial training, we monitor our customer advisors’ skills daily and assess their knowledge through quizzes on the business, service offers and procedures. This monitoring programme highlights individual and team progress points. Teams are briefed every week to ensure that product and procedure knowledge is maintained and updated.
  • Personal training:
    Our employees can also use their DIF (right to individual training) account. Employees can choose from a catalogue of training courses related to their career. Their skills are reassessed afterwards.