External customer relations management

In today’s markets, customer relations management has become a necessity and EURO CRM’s complete service offer addresses the need for best practices and proven methods. Use our customer service operations and your CRM will be under control.

As a major player in distance customer relations management, our marketing operations aim to improve customer relations, to prolong the customer life cycle and maximise value creation. We are responsive, we listen actively to your customers, give and take information with precision and provide customised responses. We do our utmost to gauge customer needs and therefore improve quality of service.

We aim to improve customer satisfaction by implementing solutions that will retain your clientele. For example, we ensure that calls are answered promptly and handled according to strict procedures. We analyse customer needs, give relevant information, resolve problems and aim for excellence in our discourse.

Our approach: Making the most of your client base

Making the most of your client base
Our internal IT consultancy uses Hermès Pro/Hermes.net and Avaya, the most advanced systems on the market that managing call stacking, flows and resources. Thanks to our technological competence and expertise in terms of multi-channel customer relations, we provide the most innovative solutions that make the most of your client base.

How do we guarantee the best results?

Other customer relations management services:

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