Gauging customer satisfaction through surveys and mystery calls etc.

Euro CRM uses tools that determine what influences customer satisfaction to better fulfil their needs.

We understand customer requirements by forging close ties and listening carefully to assess, monitor, diagnose and act accordingly to ensure customers are satisfied and loyal. We use a range of tools including satisfaction surveys, mystery calls, scores and polls to measure customer satisfaction and take corrective action to ensure customers always have a pleasant experience.

Our approach: Increasing customer satisfaction

increasing customer satisfaction

Customer case study: Gauging customer satisfaction in the field of transport

Campaign objectives: Analyse customer satisfaction during the various stages experienced during a breakdown on a motorway.

Solutions suggested:

  • Analyse satisfaction stage by stage to highlight the areas in need of improvement and customer needs at that point.
  • Monitor satisfaction levels and quality of services provided by each network affiliated mechanic to analyse needs and implement corrective action.
  • Recommend innovation requested by customers.

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