Up-selling and Cross-selling

We offer up-selling (additional purchase) and cross-selling (complementary purchase) solutions to increase average purchase and fulfil customer needs. Our competent staff are specially trained to detect opportunities and increase sales.

The Euro CRM approach to achieving your targets is based on four key principles:

  • Pinpointing customer needs to offer products and services that fulfil their needs,
  • Implementing tried and tested sales methods
  • Delivering an effective sales pitch based on best practices,
  • Targeting the customer base to optimise placement

Our expertise in Up-selling and Cross-selling

As an expert in distance customer relations management, we maximise the potential of every call thanks to our effective up-selling and cross-selling strategies that:

  • Pinpoint potential for sales on inbound calls,
  • Analyse the opportunity for upselling and transforms the call into an extra sale.
  • Offer products and services that complement the initial purchase.

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