Winning new clients through telecanvassing

As a call-centre expert, Euro CRM analyses your problems and provides the solutions you need to maximise your sales. Customer knowledge is the cornerstone of client acquisition, whether you are targetting businesses or consumers.

We can help you target new clients using scoring methods and then help you promote and market your product and service ranges. Our customer relations advisors are specifically trained to make appointmentstake orders or bookings, manage quotes, undertake telesales and telemarketing operations and qualify data…:

  • Identify target criteria or client profiles
  • Recruitment channels
  • Organise the recruitment process: qualification of information to provide a suitable service offer for each prospect segment
  • Optimise the sales pitch to obtain the best possible results.

We source our BtoB and BtoC files from specialist partners and are authorised by PACITEL.

Our approach: To get the best results

Enhancing your client capital

The combination of expertise in information systems (datamining, recruitment procedure implementation and database management) and customer relations (project-based teams, sales pitch) mean EURO CRM can offer innovative sales campaign solutions to convert prospects to clients and improve your marketing performance.

How do we guarantee the best results for telesales campaigns?

Other customer relations management services:

Outsource customer relations
Carry out a loyalty campaign
Measure customer satisfaction